This dish is known as “Butter Chicken” in the UK. I have never made authentic Indian food before and this was so fun! According to the guests it turned out great. The downside? Between the marinade prep (multiple marinades) and the cooking time (baking, plus simmering) it took about 5 hours to complete. 

Since I’ve never cooked Indian before I was also always double-checking the recipe. Six TBSP’s of Chili Powder, really?! But, apparently the measurements were correct, if taste is any indication. (Actually, in the case of the Chili Powder, I backed off just a bit) I also have a new favorite spice: Garam Masala. It is savory with strong cinnamony tones.

To save a bit of money, I made the garlic/ginger paste from scratch. All it is is garlic cloves (12 of them) and an equal amount of freshly skinned and chopped ginger root processed in the food processor with a bit of olive oil for binding. Strong stuff and a lot went in, but again it was the right amount.


Here’s the recipe I used (though I left out the Fenugreek leaves and Liquid Smoke):

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