A new fiction TV series breaks the mold in two ways. First, it is about superheroes… who DANCE. Second, it is only found on Wednesdays online at Hulu. Check out a quote from director Jon M. Chu and the series trailer below:

Chu described The LXD web series as “a living, breathing comic book series – but unlike Spiderman and Iron Man, these guys can actually do it.” The LXD shows a world where dancers are superheroes with powers and abilities related to body movement and dance. A great battle between good and evil looms on the horizon in this world of superdancers, encapsulated in an event known as “The Uprising.” “There is a legion,” the unnamed series narrator tells us: “a legion of bravery, of hope, of the extraordinary. They lie amongst us, preparing for battle, waiting to rise and change things for good.”

Actual LXD website, here: http://thelxd.com/