Lament I
I long for life from your hand
My body yearns for new life inside
If only a seed might stir
That a tiny heart would begin to beat
I have called to you in my sadness
Cried out with depressed groans
I do not fail to ask for what I do not have
My requests are ever spilling over from my lips
But you, LORD, remain unyielding
Your power and vigor are hidden
You choose to withhold
What you have within your grasp to give
Place your mouth on my womb
Warm my stomach with your breath
Animate the empty space
With bones and spirit
Deliver me a child
And you will deliver me from my distress
Invent a sentient soul in me
And you will reduce my despair
And when my son is born
When my daughter’s cord is severed
My rejoicing will never cease
My cries of joy will not be stifled
I will tell of your faithful provision
And share stories of your creative love
Even my grandparents in the grave
Will rise up and bless Your name
With the sons of my son
And the daughters of my daughter
Our house will cease its lament
Our household will laugh forevermore
Praise be the God of love and life!
Written by Eric Herron (2007) to Nattie