“Unlike material possessions, goodness is not diminished when it is shared, either momentarily or permanently, with others, but expands and, in fact, the more heartily each of the lovers of goodness enjoys the possession the more does goodness grow. What is more, goodness is not merely a possession that no one can maintain who is unwilling to share it, but it is one that increases the more its possessor loves to share it.”

-Augustine of Hippo, in City of God: Book XV

We often worry about running out of stuff… food, money, gas. These are real fears, since often these things are required for survival. But, we rarely worry about running out of goodness, even though it is certainly necessary – if not for pure survival, then at least for a life that enjoys God’s Creation to the full. Imagine if giving your money away reliably meant a financial return on your generosity. But this is not always the case. Or, what if the farther you drove in your car, the more full your gas tank became? In city’s like Los Angeles this would be amazing! The truth is, only Goodness (and it’s counterpart, Love) grows as it goes out.
Wouldn’t it be wise then to spend more time spending good?